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My name is Korea L. Howard. I am a mother of two children and enjoy being a mother. My children are the ones who gave me the greatest inspiration to becoming a photographer. When they were  babies I vowed that I would not miss any of their moments. I got my first 35mm disposable camera and started snapping. Keith is now 14 years old and Colea is 12 years old. I look back at some of their pictures and think, " My! Look how they have grown up."

It wasn't until 2008 that I purchased my first digital camera and discovered the world unlike never before. The capabilities I had with the Kodak CS500 series was so amazing. Then I decided to get a little more fancy by purchasing Adobe Photoshop Elements 2. Lookout world here comes a new photographer. The more I experimented with my new camera and photoshop the more my friends and family started asking me to  take their pictures. The following year my husband gave me a Fuji Finepix as a Christmas present this creating the photographer I am today. I currently use Sony a390 DSLR and it is awesome.

I didn't get into photography professionally until 2010 doing a little bit here and there. I have done a few weddings which I find to be a challenge but I love to challenge myself because it enables me to learn more about this business and to show myself what I can really do. My favorite photos to take are the ones that are natural and unscripted. I like being real with people and showing off my talent and skills. A person, place, or thing is as beautiful as you see it. That is why the company's motto is "Your Beauty Is Our Inspiration" because I find something beautiful with everything I do.

The name Inspirational Photography & More came from the Christian aspect of my life. I want to credit my life and talents to God. I feel as though God has blessed me with an awesome gift. Anyone can pick up a camera and take a picture but it takes a special talent and gift to capture beauty, life, and moments as they are. The "More" part comes from the other services that is provided upont request of the client. We offer floral arrangements, jewelry making, event planning, and consulting. 

I currently reside in Louisville, KY and am looking forward to the awesome opportunities that are ahead of me. My studio is ran from my home and I also do a lot of on location photo shoots. In the near future  I plan to own one of the largest photography studios in the US. Looking forward to hearing from you soon and giving you the best photographing experience.




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